Why our company?

Why our company?

There are many advantages to hiring a professional home stager. Firstly they see your home through new eyes the eyes of a buyer. Home owners undoubtedly become blind to their own surroundings and often neglect things that are staring them in the face. The broken door bell, the cracked paint on top of your stairs, the dripping tap.

By getting a home stager, one ensures that the property is seen objectively and packaged in a manner that's appealing to others. The goal of staging is to earn the home appeal to a mass audience in a compelling way.

A staging firm's job is to help people see themselves living in a specific home. That is why often times, they'll decorate the home in a neutral way that appeals to the masses.

Among the greatest things about using a professional company to stage a home is that the seller can relax. They can rest assured that everything possible has been done to market the property for the best price as fast as possible.

Quick Fact #1

You’ll Increase the Likelihood of a Sale

Quick Fact #2

It Gives the Impression of a Well-Maintained Home

Quick fact #3

It Helps You Justify the Asking Price

Quick fact #4

Staging Helps Buyers See Themselves In the House

Advantages of Home Staging?

Recent studies show that staged homes are offered 6 percent above the asking price compared to unstaged homes. They also spend a lot less time on the market, which is also good for the seller.

Estate agents, would be to ignore the visual psychology involved in gaining a buyers immediate attention. Potential customers become interested in a property when they walk in and feel, I could live here. They imagine it as their property.

If you are selling a home these days, in most parts of the country, simply putting up a for sale sign and hoping for the best probably won't be enough. In a sluggish real-estate marketplace, homeowners sometimes have to take extra actions to make a sale. For sellers hoping to make a fantastic impression, home staging is now a popular method to boost a home's selling price and decrease selling time. .

Although paying up front for a homestager might appear a small counter-intuitive, especially since there is no guarantee the home will sell, research and studies show it is definitely a wise investment.